We make every effort to guide you as best as possible in your embroidery practice! Find in this section tutorials, links to all our points explained in video for right-handers but also for left-handers. Also tips and tricks for beginners, explanations of kits, explanations of assembly... Our objective: to make embroidery accessible to all and allow you to have fun above all!
As a beginner, you must ask yourself many questions: where to start? What threads to use? What points?
This guide is therefore designed to answer all your questions and allow you to discover traditional embroidery.
Stem stitch, Couching stitch, Malte stitch, satin stitch or Buttonhole wheels stitch, there are many traditional embroidery stitches. A memory lapse or a doubt about the achievement of a point? You are in the right place.
You will find on this page, a multitude of explanations of points, whatever your level!
In each video the explanations are filmed for right-handers AND for left-handers!
Wondering how to apply your Easy Custo?
Are you hesitating to start sewing your fully embroidered kit?
Are you on the lookout for tips and tricks to improve your embroidery skills?
Here are some videos that should help you!
Find on our site our traditional embroidery kits for beginners, our themed kits such as the trees of life, mandalas or embroidered wreaths.
Also discover our Stitch-A-Long with unique patterns that bring together our community of embroiderers around the world!