From the initial drawing through the design and manufacture, all Un Chat dans l'aiguille kits are made in our workshop in Isère, France.
In our kits, you will find everything you need to complete your project: the printed fabric, the n°9 needle used in traditional embroidery, the threads from our partner DMC and all the explanations to achive the work.
Easy Custo kits are printed on a sheet of water soluble paper allowing you to embroider your work on the support of your choice!
Animals, mandalas, cute characters traveling around the world... Now it's up to you to choose which model to put into your hoop!
Vacances au Mexique
(Code: C-215KC202007)
35.00 €
Douce empreinte
(Code: C-215KC202005)
35.00 €
Vacances sous les tropiques
(Code: C-215KC202003)
35.00 €
Une vie de bohème
(Code: C-215KC202001)
35.00 €
Colette la chouette
(Code: C-215202309004)
26.50 €
Simon le hérisson
(Code: C-215202309003)
26.50 €
Jardinier des forêts
(Code: C-215202309002)
26.50 €
Goupil des bois
(Code: C-215202309001)
26.50 €
Flowery hoop - Angèle
(Code: C-215202306006)
26.50 €
Flowery hoop - Pauline
(Code: C-215202306005)
26.50 €
Flowery hoop - Agathe
(Code: C-215202306004)
26.50 €
En musique
(Code: C-215202306003)
26.50 €
Balade champêtre
(Code: C-215202306002)
26.50 €
Balade urbaine
(Code: C-215202306001)
26.50 €
Surprises ! (sold without hoop)
(Code: C-215202110005)
26.50 €
Ho ho ho ! (sold without hoop)
(Code: C-215202009003)
26.50 €