Alice - Custo Board (SAL)

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Did you dream of being able to customize your clothes or any other medium? Today it’s possible with our Easy Custo range and some magic water soluble paper!


Discover the "flower board" model, your DIY embroidery kit to personalize T-shirts, jeans or Bags.


This kit contains everything you need to make your personalization!


Drawing size: 15x21 cm
Level: Intermediate



Kit Contains:

  • Adhesive printed soluble paper
  • DMC embroidery threads
  • Embroidery needle (n°9)
  • Instructions and diagrams of stitches used in this kit
  • Diagram showing stitches and thread colors to use
  • Color chart for threads
  • Photo of the finished work


Be careful: tee-shirt not provided.

We reserve the right to change supplies depending on availability.


This work was embroidered as part of a SAL. Join the Facebook group dedicated to the autumn wreath SAL and come and ask your questions and share your progress! (Facebook group link).
Find all the videos of the lives in the dedicated playlist of our youtube channel (Youtube playlist link).

27.50 €