Loupe pour lunettes

(Code: F-04025)

Multi magnifying glasses specifically designed for glasses wearers.


Get the magnification you need with this set of four magnifying glasses! Simply attach the ultra-light frame to your glasses, select the desired magnifying lens, and experience unparalleled clarity when viewing even the most intricate details. You can easily flip the lens back to normal vision.


Lens dimensions: 75 x 30 mm
The frame to attach to your glasses is included.
The magnification is indicated on the magnifying glasses.


4 sets of lenses included:

  • Lens 1: Magnification 1.7x
  • Lens 2: Magnification 2.0x
  • Lens 3: Magnification 2.5x
  • Lens 4: Magnification 3.0x
26.00 €